Wrong http status code for get incident api for wrong incident id

I want to check whether given Incident Id is valid or not.
For this purpose, I am using https://api-reference.pagerduty.com/#!/Incidents/get_incidents_id

  1. Wrong Id : ABC
    If I request for this id then I am getting http status code as 403 (Access Denied)

  2. Wrong Id : PQR
    If I request for this id then I am getting http status code as 404 (Incident Not Found)

Here, we can see that for 1st request it gives wrong http status code while for 2nd request it gives correct http status code.

As per my observation if Incident Id starts with P and then it donโ€™t exists then it gives 404 but if Incident Id starts with any other character then it gives 403 , so my request is in every case if Incident id is not valid then can we get correct http status code ?

In get Service API call this works properly but not in Get Incident API Call.


Thanks for reaching out and bringing this observation to our attention. I will raise your request with our API team on the product side to let them know of the update you are looking for.

Sorry itโ€™s not something we can immediately act on but I will pass along your feedback for their future consideration.